VON - Dark Gods: Book One (Re-Mastered Edition) (Original Pencil Sketch Covers) [PRE-ORDERS]

75 USD



Written & Illustrated by: VENIEN
Series: Dark Gods Book One
Edition: Re-Mastered Edition
Printing: First Printing
Quantity: 1/1 of 25 pieces of original artwork/covers
Covers: Various (Original Pencil Sketch Covers)
Cover Illustration by: VENIEN
Certificate: exclusive certificate of authenticity signed & numbered by VENIEN
Publisher/Distributor: vVurMzflessshhh Publishing (USA)
Manufactured & Printed by: Ready Comics (USA)
Publishing Date Begins: May 25th 2017

Sketch Cover: Strathmore Writing Wove Stock
Book Format: B&W 56pg Comic Book
Book Dimensions: 10" x 6.465"
Protective Sleeve: E. Gerber Mylites *2 Mil Standard Comic Book Size (7 1/4" x 10 1/2")
Backing Board: E. Gerber Full-Back *42-Mil Standard Comic Book (7" x 10 1/2") 100% Acid-Free

VON - Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects
(Open Edition) Digital Download
Recorded by VON

01. The Council of Seven (Digital Edition)
02. Architects of Death (Digital Edition)
03. Rise of The Ancients (Digital Edition)
04. Muse of Evil (Digital Edition)
05. DemonSkin (Digital Edition)
06. Invasion (Extended Digital Edition)
07. Black Lotus Featuring Jess (Jess and The Ancient Ones) (Extended Digital Edition)
08. The Culling (Digital Edition)
09. Ritual of The Black Mass (Digital Edition)
10. Mother (Digital Edition)

Jason "VENIEN" Ventura (vocals | bass)
Jon "Lord Giblete" Gonzalez (guitar)
Carter "HangMan" Grant (guitar)
Anthony "Dirty FvKn! Pistols" Mainiero (drums)
Special Guest: Jess (Jess and The Ancient Ones)