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Tales of Nosferatu: Chapter Ten: The Devil [DIGITAL WEBCOMIC]

Tales of Nosferatu: Chapter Ten: The Devil [DIGITAL WEBCOMIC]



Chapter Ten: The Devil

Nosferatu, a monster who is rarely called a man tho his body is somewhat human, it is he who calls together twelve macabre other-things and orders them to tell their life-tales.

In the final chapter of Tales of Nosferatu, the final guest The Vulture of China, Ho Chi Laoh will finally be revealed. Following Ho Chi Laoh’s quest for power and his path of destruction, he joins the disciples of Dagon and will use his new found alliance for revenge.

Written by Alan ‘Archaic Al’ Hewetson
Illustrations by Cesar ‘Zesar’ Alvarez Canete

*originally published in “Dossier Negro #81” by de Ibero Mundial de Ediciones February 1976 [reprinted black and white webcomic strip design, restoration, and English translation by vVurMzflessshhh Publishing]
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