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VENIEN - The Art of VENIEN Sketchbook II: Rising Rebels: First Blood (Giclée Exclusive Wraparound Cover)

VENIEN - The Art of VENIEN Sketchbook II: Rising Rebels: First Blood (Giclée Exclusive Wraparound Cover)

20 USD
Rising Rebels: First Blood is an illustration from the comic book series Rising Rebels.  Rising Rebels logo & comic book were created and © Jay Fotos.  Limited use and permission of the Rising Rebels logo has been given by the copyright holder to the licensee vVurMzflessshhh Publishing

• Illustrated by: VENIEN
• Series: The Art of VENIEN
• Edition: Sketchbook II
• Printing: First Printing
• Cover: Rising Rebels: First Blood (Giclée Exclusive Wraparound Cover)
• Qty: 25
• Publisher: vVurMzflessshhh Publishing (USA)
• Distributor(s): vVurMzflessshhh Publishing & Jay Fotos Studios
• Manufactured & Printed by: Ready Comics (USA)
• Publishing Date: May 5th 2018

Book Specs:
• Book Format: Full Color 24pg Comic Book
• Book Dimensions: 10" x 6.465"
• Protective Sleeve: ClearBags® 11 x 17 Crystal Clear Acid Free and Archival Safe Seal Top Bags
• Backing Board: ClearBags® 11 x 17 4-Ply White Backing Board 100% Acid-Free
• Custom-designed certificate of authenticity
• Embossed chop: Sigil of vVurMzflessshhh (MillCast® Old Fashioned Cast Iron Press & Custom Brass Seal manufactured by the SealKing™)
• Signed & numbered by VENIEN

Exclusive Bonus Merchandise Included:

Giclée Print:
• Rising Rebels: First Blood 13"x19" Giclée Print (vVurMzflessshhh Ltd Edition) Cat/Sku#: VPPRINTRR0002 *only sold with Cat/Sku#: VPBOOK0042C

Bonus Media: Digital Demo Collection
• VENIEN - Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection)
• Ltd Ed Download Card
• Recorded by VENIEN
• Cat/Sku#: VR D0026

01. Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement (Demo)
02. Lost Fragments (Begins To Crawl) (Demo)
03. Lost Fragments (Begins) (Demo)
04. Lost Fragments (Deep Inside) (Demo)
05. Lost Fragments (Inside of Me) (Demo)
06. Lost Fragments (The Circle) (Demo)
07. Lost Fragments (The Cold Embrace) (Demo)
08. Manifests In The Shadows (Prelude) (Demo)
09. Schizophrenic Rage (Demo)
10. Kill The Traitors (Demo)
11. OBEY! (Demo)
12. REVOLT! (Demo)
13. God Is Dead (Demo)
14. Inssside Wittthhh Usss (Demo)
15. Black Coming of VENIEN!!! (Demo)
16. The Dread (Early Demo) (Bonus Track) *Demo Collection Exclusive
17. Hurt (Demo) (NIN Cover) (Bonus Track) *Demo Collection Exclusive

Recording Lineup:
Jason Ventura (VENIEN) (vocals | bass)
Jon Gonzalez (Lord Giblete) (guitar)
Carter Grant (HangMan) (guitar)
Anthony Mainiero (Dirty FvKn! Pistols) (drums)

Rising Rebels Comic Book Series
• Written by: Jay Fotos & Mark Kidwell
• Art by: Jeff Zornow & Jay Fotos
• Published by: Jay Fotos Studios
• Rising Rebels © Jay Fotos
• Related series link: JAYFOTOS.com

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Cat/Sku#: VPBOOK0042C

*only sold with Cat/Sku#: VPPRINTRR0002