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By: Shayne Mathis
March 28th 2013

VON - Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves Album Review

America’s original black metal band, VON are now streaming their new album, Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves. This is the first LP of brand new material the band has ever released and it’s been a loooooong time coming.

If you’re already familiar with VON, then you know what to expect – nonstop blast beats and hypnotically repetitive guitar parts supporting founding member, VENIEN’s distorted growls. Regardless of how you feel about the current incarnation of VON’s legitimacy, it’s worth at least listening to Seven Billion Slaves once. VON aren’t blazing any new trails here, but the music is good, the production is solid, and the entire album drips with evil atmosphere. These guys are the definition of “Trve Kvlt Black Metal” and you owe it to yourself to check them out if you’re not initiated into the fold yet.

So light some black candles, prepare the altar, and listen or buy the album on vinyl, CD, or MP3 form.


VON - Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Open Edition) (Digital Album)

vVurMzflessshhh Publishing

Cat/Sku#: VR D0009

Artist: VON
Title: Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Open Edition) (Digital Album)
Volume: Dark Gods Vol.I
Audio Format: Digital
Publisher/Distributor: Von Records (USA)
Digital Release Date: 2013
Illustration: VENIEN

01. They Have Come
02. Ancient Flesh of The Dark Gods Feat. D & C (Coffinworm)
03. Hands of Black Death
04. Dark Gods
06. RawRot
07. DevilWhore
08. iAmInHuMan
09. Black Eyes

Recoding Lineup:
Jason Ventura (VENIEN) (vocals | bass)
Jon Gonzalez (Lord Giblete) (guitar)
Charlie Fell (drums)
Special Guests: vocals by D (Coffinworm) & guitar solo by C (Coffinworm)
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