VENIEN is a Filipino American born writer, illustrator, musician, and co-creator of the band VON.  In 1987, VENIEN created the band VON along with his band-mate Goat.  In 1992, VON was disbanded until VENIEN and Goat reunited the band in 2009.  VENIEN also created Von Records in 2006 to release all of his music projects for the foreseeable future.  The VON “Satanic Blood (7” Vinyl EP)” alongside the VENIEN “Tribal Blood (7” Vinyl Single)", were both released at the 2010 Armageddon Festival in London, UK. VENIEN & Goat reunited for their first & final performance as VON with support by Watain, The Devil's Blood, & various other bands.

In 2012, VENIEN recorded & released the long-awaited & first official full-length VON album entitled “Satanic Blood” on Von Records.  To support the debut release, VON performed exclusive shows in Tempe (AZ), Los Angeles (CA), and Brooklyn (NY) with a brand new line-up. Following the debut release, VENIEN began to record & release what would become the final trilogy of full-length VON albums entitled "Dark Gods", with a European tour to support the first volume release in 2013.  Under his newly formed publishing company "vVurMzflessshhh Publishing", the Dark Gods Comic Book Series was released periodically for 6 weeks between Dec 1st 2014 - Feb 16th 2015.  This extremely limited release included special advance CD singles with tracks taken from the unreleased second volume off the Dark Gods Trilogy "Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Vol.II)" as well as b-side demos from the unreleased "Dark Gods: Ancient Blood (Vol.III)".

In July 2017, Von Records and vVurMzflessshhh Publishing released "Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Vol.II)" in their standard 12" CD Booklet Edition, as well as exclusive digital versions included with the comic book "Dark Gods: Book One (Re-Mastered Editions)" and "Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Giclée Print Series)".

In addition to VENIEN's work on all the VON projects, there were various digital singles and demos released, all taken from his unfinished project titled "Black Coming of VENIEN".  Among the releases came "Ritual Manifestation (Demo I)", "Schizophrenic Rage (Demo II)", and Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection). Released only in digital format, these demos were only offered to Von Records (Online Subscribers) as well as an exclusive download included with the "Black Coming of VENIEN (Giclée Print Series)".

In early 2017, VENIEN began a series of special exhibits under the banner "vVurMzflessshhh Publishing Presents The Art of VENIEN", taking place within comic conventions, festivals, and art expos inside the USA. VENIEN attends as an exhibitor/ publisher/ artist/ creator, releasing various published comic books, sketchbooks, art books/prints, albums, clothing, and various related merchandise.




Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement (Instrumental Demo) (2010)

  • Digital: (Subscription Edition)

Ritual Manifestations (2013)

  • Digital: (Subscription Edition)

Black Coming of VENIEN (Test Score) (2017)

  • Digital: (Subscription Edition)

Schizophrenic Rage (2017)

  • Digital: (Subscription Edition)

Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection) (2017)

  • Digital: (vVurMzflessshhh Ltd Edition)


    Tribal Blood (2010)

    Eye of The Quill (2019)





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