"VON seem to have finally taken up the mantle of black metal royalty in a way they have always deserved. What the Dark Gods Trilogy will ultimately become is yet to be seen, but the beginning is a promising one"

- Natalie Zed, ANGRY METAL GUY

"a rotting miasma, a great sense of unease, and an otherworldly feel to the music, an atmosphere that VENIEN and VON are known for"

Dave Schalek, ABOUT

"overwhelming, like a vision of hell brought to earth, and with its convoluted and esoteric patterns shows us darkness revealing itself before our eyes, while we stare at the screen too scared to scream"


"raw black metal that succeeds greatly at creating an unsettling feeling in listeners, especially on the very surprising ten-minute piece “Ancient Flesh of the Dark Gods”, made in collaboration with doom band Coffinworm"


"the music is good, the production is solid, and the entire album drips with evil atmosphere. These guys are the definition of “Trve Kvlt Black Metal” and you owe it to yourself to check them out if you’re not initiated into the fold yet"

- Shayne Mathis, METAL INJECTION