2023: Manifests In The Shadows


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)


“In the coming darkness, we must manifest a collective shield in the shadows grip, overcome fear within. Prepare to fight for human sovereignty & the right to exist as a species. Battles are being fought for all humans as we speak & breath to exist, unfortunately many around us are asleep inside a trance, many are those we have come to love & cherish. There will be much turmoil & chaos for the mind virus has been calcified within our species population by negative forces for eons.

Humanity as it has been many times in past timelines, will again witness the predictable mayhem that will follow in the next evolutionary process we are experiencing in this reality. A battle for our human sovereignty between incarnated souls & dark energies & those that have invested interest in human evolution, negative or positive. This is all a staged battle within a grand experiment that our souls willingly signed up for before we were even born into our current human avatars inside this realities timeline.

Our souls are but a mere fragment of source that is infinite. Our modern human dna/ human avatars inside this reality have been created & evolved by a collective of beings they call the seeders. As with any species, race, or culture, there will be negative ones throughout the universe that our species & countless others before us have had to encounter. Knowing that all souls are still but a mere fragment of source can bring a species one step closer towards pure enlightenment, but will it be through a positive or negative experience that you will live out? Will we allow ourselves to be manipulated as human beings or demand our universal right to live with free will & freedom from enslavement?

There will be many that will fall in the process, but there will be many that will ascend to the next stage & the experience will continue. One must face their own ego, hard work has to be done within, once you breakthrough, only then perspectives will be enhanced. It’s time to wake up & heal within, manifesting your intentions & what will be. Our collective energy will dictate the course of what will come.

To my family, friends, & those I’ve met along the way, I could have done much better I suppose, but I’m but a flawed human being, still trying to rise above the broken pieces of my experience. One last thing, I truly hope you all find shelter from the storm, but once it’s cleared, live the best you can, & continue your experience to its fullest potential inside the coming age. Stay free!”











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