2023: Throne of Lies


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

“Awoken that which should not be, for the giants will rise to claim their seeds. BEHOLD! The rise of the ancient ones inside the void. The sanctuary of nothingness awaits our return. The gates…the gates are opening! Death has come, cast among the shadows, the rot, the stink, unleashed us to die.

Dark Gods have come, the time draws near. Manifested in our minds a relentless despair, the word, the filth, the pursuit of a divine enlightenment of lies to enslave, to control the weak, with a ruthless unspeakable judgment, the eternal suffering drowning in dread.

They bleed darkness, the tormentors will rise. The fools scream their gospel of life in vain, the lust to sin is a doorway to eternal damnation.

Lies! Lies! Lies! their pitiful fucking lies! The high and all mighty they can all rot with the rest of their slaves, the sheep, the lamb, the goat, the whole fucking flock! The pigs commence the inquisition the war has begun. The blind pray for salvation for the giants will come”


Throne of Lies (Demo) released March 19, 2021
Black Coming of VENIEN (Digital Demo Collection)
All songs written by VENIEN
© Jason Ventura
℗ vVurMzflessshhh Publishing

Throne of Lies (Demo) taken from the Black Coming of VENIEN (Digital Demo Collection) by VENIEN
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