2023: Forsaken Among The Forgotten


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

“Among the fallen, among the weak, among the innocent, among the forgotten, have we all been forsaken? Those that have been slaughtered, maimed, abducted, abused, liquefied, tossed in the bitter cold or blistering heat, those innocent burnt to ash, burnt to dust, the unaware and hypnotized pawns used by a shadow cabal that seek no peace but demand submission or death!…the universe aches to embrace you in the darkest hour.

Take refuge in knowing we are all shards of a greater source, for we are one. No matter the outcome, no matter the devices of fear and manipulation, our pure will and spirit will rise in rebellion to the shadowy but exposed iron fist. Expose the darkness in all including one’s self, bring balance to a universal duality, accept and experience life and awaken from your sleep for our souls are powerful beacons of hope to all that are lost.

Never forget my friends”


Forsaken (Among The Shadows) (Demo) released March 19, 2021 taken from the
Black Coming of VENIEN (Digital Demo Collection)
All songs written by VENIEN
© Jason Ventura
℗ vVurMzflessshhh Publishing

Listen here 🎧 or Direct url: https://vvurmzflessshhh.bandcamp.com/track/forsaken-among-the-forgotten-digital-demo-bonus-track

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