2023: Underground


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

"Deep beneath the innocent call for help. The malevolent cities and their masters will fall and will meet their fates deep underground. A tribal war has been underway and evil has been exposed."


Underground (Demo) released March 19, 2021 taken from the
Black Coming of VENIEN (Digital Demo Collection)
All songs written by VENIEN
© Jason Ventura

Listen here 🎧 https://vvurmzflessshhh.bandcamp.com/track/underground-digital-demo-bonus-track

*Archive demo that originally thought to be lost on one of our old corrupt hard drives from various sessions, luckily some of them were bounced off those onto another. Did tons of mixed media art for all the future releases but it never seemed to surface until now. Underground (Demo) was another recovered song with all the tracks including bass, guitar, & drum recordings.

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