2021: La Legión del Santo de la Muerte


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

“Saint of Death, worshipped, praised, with legions of devotees over time was the basis of the creation of this song. Many deities are know by many names, but with a discussion based on fear of death it was one of several that explores those that would be worshipped as gods, some might even say malevolent dark gods that strike fear into the hearts of men of the lower densities/dimensions.

Worship and prayer for the promise of protection & commiseration against death or misfortune is the road to darkness.  As humans plead to strike a deals with death itself, the lesser death dealers, and the legions of minions doing their biding, control to ultimately gain access to their energy, their life force, their souls, this is the tragic end for many of the victims.  Atrocities are made by the hands of many corrupted and some may say possessed minds and hearts. This manipulation for control was the concept behind the song originally titled Worms.

Worms began the story of the cycle of the flesh, ultimately consumed by worms and the dirt of the planet.  The deeper story of the eternal soul that exist during as well as after the flesh is gone, being used and hijacked by lower frequency but powerful advance beings that have always lived among us to control us. They walk among us, skewed from view at times, but an ever reoccurring trail of dark and twisted conditioning of fear is left behind to only mock those that can see the work of evil. Gateways opened, attachments killing or draining the unaware of their life force, their energy, a never ending torturous life experience for those that dared to make deals, a choice nevertheless. The traps laid by those malevolent dark beings, are seen in many lives of possession victims, domination does not stop at one victim, but global scale atrocities using mind viruses and mass hysteria, evil never limits itself to the individual, but aims to corrupt all living things.”


La Legión del Santo de la Muerte (Demo) released March 19, 2021 taken from the
Black Coming of VENIEN (Digital Demo Collection)
All songs written by VENIEN
© Jason Ventura

Listen here 🎧 https://vvurmzflessshhh.bandcamp.com/track/la-legio-n-del-santo-de-la-muerte-digital-demo-bonus-track

*Archive demo that originally thought to be lost on one of our old corrupt hard drives from various sessions, luckily some of them were bounced off those onto another. Did tons of mixed media art for all the future releases but it never seemed to surface until now. La Legión del Santo de la Muerte (Demo) was another recovered song with a few viable tracks including bass, guitar, & vocal recordings. Original demo track titled "vVurMz" later changed to La Legión del Santo de la Muerte. La Legión del Santo de la Muerte (Demo) 

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