2021: When I Close My Eyes


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

“Living the human experience that many will never fully understand, this has from time to time lead to victimization on a global scale inside the evolution of a growing civilization, at least in ones perceived reality. There are also those humans that will always seek out the truth, the hidden mysterious that are waiting to be re-discovered.  Then there are the dark ones, those beings & their minions that will kill or sentence one to enslavement, to not only keep those universal secrets hidden but forcibly control & abuse those gifted in sight & travel between dimensions.

When I Close My Eyes was written to tell the story of those gifted ones, the shaman, the seer, the oracle, the prophet, the astral traveler, many with visions of the past, present, & future. The seekers of the hidden works & buried mysteries that are never destroyed but held by the universe for all to access.  Those that were either born, trained, or simply advanced themselves to see beyond the veil, living witnesses inside the cloaked layers of frequencies & beings that are all around us. Those gifted ones are always under attack, manipulation, & at times under a hostile pursuit from some of the dark energy beings that have abused humanity since it began.

What do you see when you close your eyes?"


When I Close My Eyes (Bass Demo) released March 19, 2021 taken from the
Black Coming of VENIEN (Digital Demo Collection)
All songs written by VENIEN
© Jason Ventura

Listen here 🎧 https://vvurmzflessshhh.bandcamp.com/track/when-i-close-my-eyes-digital-bass-demo-bonus-track

*Archive demo that originally thought to be lost on one of our old corrupt hard drives from various sessions, luckily some of them were bounced off those onto another. Did tons of mixed media art for all the future releases but it never seemed to surface until now. When I Close My Eyes (Bass Demo) was another recovered song with a few viable tracks including bass & vocals recordings. Enjoy When I Close My Eyes (Bass Demo) 

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