2024: Miskatonic High


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

“It’s been an honor & a privilege to be part of such a landmark series & one of the longest running Kickstarter indie comic book series to date. Being able to create art for Miskatonic High 🙏🏽 with creators Mike Shea x Ryan Mendoza has been a learning experience & collaboration, nothing but love and positive vibrations through and through, professionals till the end.

What did we do?

40x Miskatonic High covers that includes all the regular, variant, wraparounds, the 3x hardcovers+folios covers, 1x hardcover yearbook, very cool spinoffs covers to include: 1x All The Ghosts At Midnight One Shot cover, 1x Lady Lovecraft One Shot cover, 2x Miskatonic Detective Agency Crossover covers between Darkside Media’s Lovecraft P.I. x Miskatonic High + all the exclusive premium back up stories+ extras created by myself x Mike Shea for Cult of Cthulhu Comics & Arkham Society Comics. The sold out Cult of Cthulhu softcover will be getting the hardcover treatment along with a hardcover release of the first Arkham Society collection of the Carcosa backup story from MH! WOW!

In the end that makes about 43 covers? 🤷 + tons of interior art that I would say has been the most work outside of my album art that I have done in my life! We can’t forget tons of merch to include: trading cards+prints+stickers+clothing. Damn! I never really put the amount of work we did into perspective until now! 

Never thought I would be able to do all this but somehow it was done even through me getting cancer, it just blows my mind!

Mike and Ryan 🙏🏽 thank you again, and what’s even more epic & ironic is that we haven’t even met each other! Again sincerely, thank you for taking a chance on me, it’s been a fun ride. ✌️


*🙏🏽 ReadyComics & Comix Well Spring for printing this series covers & Kickstarter for hosting it all. To all the fans that supported MH and all those hardcore collectors that grabbed copies of my work, you are in my thoughts, thanks for hanging in there.” 


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