2024: Tribal Blood


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

“14 years back, before resurrecting VON , I recorded a little piece just to get the motor running again. Inspired by my love for Dana White & his raw & genius concept he called the UFC , I was inspired to write a record that would express myself as if I was a fighter, a warrior walking into the death ring at the end of days defending my own humanity.

What would that record sound like? What would I call the song? What would the song be about? What would the visual on film look like? Of course my ring was that of music exposing primal darkness surrounding ones reality, ones humanity. Hence, Tribal Blood was born! During my years of research into conspiracies & hidden histories, my development of Dark Gods project was intended to expose all of it in song & art, to express my thoughts on reality.

I can say that this single was truly blessed to have one of the most talented musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, mixer, basically everything one would need for music, a man I am proud to say I admire & dare to call a dear friend, John Gray (The Saltmine Studio Oasis). John & I had many years of great conversations & experiences, he even contributed the guitar tracks on the mix, & was involved in all the VON albums to follow. John & Don Salter (Owner of The Saltmine Studio Oasis) they both suggested a massive beat needed a drummer that could manifest it, that drummer was David Bedell.

All these years later, this song stills feels relevant to what is at least my reality, & much of what many of us have awakened to witness the end of an age. When I played it today it reminded me that the world will be forever changed, humanity will never stop evolving, & everything will be as it should be in the end, for some the beginning.”



Tribal Blood written by VENIEN


Recording Lineup:

Jason Ventura (VENIEN) (vocals/bass)

John Gray (guitar)

Dave Bedell (drums)



Dismemberment traitors

Bloody streets

Dishonor the pack

Kill bleed

Sworn allegiance

Darkness falls

Pit embraces

Tribal Blood

Die Kill

Bones flesh

Thirst hunger

Skin ritual

Sacrifice the soul

Brutal battery

Infected stoned

Murderous cold

Tribal Blood

Die Kill

Lines drawn

Tribal Blood


VINYL: https://vvurmzflessshhh.com/venien-tribal-blood-7-vinyl-single

DIGITAL: https://vvurmzflessshhh.bandcamp.com/album/venien-tribal-blood-7-digital-vinyl-single

STREAM: https://youtu.be/8KAnIBQ2NMw?feature=shared

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