2024: Death of Ego: Mind Virus 


Written by Jason Ventura (VENIEN)

The virus invades our minds, by definition an active and aggressive mind control invasion woven within the deepest depths of our reality, our frequency. The mind virus spreads from those of malevolent intent, scrambling to survive the coming end of their terror. Their agenda by design, is a meticulously orchestrated coup of humanity. All the while a deadly, murderous pandemic was executed on all humans, the cabal was lurking in the shadows setting into motion a panicked attempt to increase chaos, instability, & global madness.

The cabal’s final solution would be to control the human collective consciousness, for they look down on us, as their slaves, their sheep, vagrant useless eaters that must comply, kneel & bow down to those who created the nightmare in the first place or face their iron fist of a never ending reign of tyranny. The hunters are now being hunted, for the time has come to break the chains of bondage, release ourselves from slavery, evolve humanity for it can never be halted to takes it place among the universe.

All humans must reflect, & consider taking a deeper look into the trauma inflicted to us as a species, slowly grow paths to forgiveness of one self & others, & confronting the complexity of pain within in all aspects (spiritually, mentally, & physically) in ones reality. The realization of duality or the mirror of humanity, the infliction of pain within the essence of ones reality, harbor nothing but malevolent beings & their negative perspectives & influence within this experience. The awakening to truth & knowing, an ultimate path to find balance to one day ascend, this will be one experience that will affect the entire universe."




by VON


It is the season of death

The wicked hang from their necks

The revolution will rise

The fires burn in the sky

No one will come out alive

Invasion inside our minds

The wolves they hunt through the night

Their victims run for their lives

The hands of death greet me warm

The birth of darkness unborn

The architects will destroy

Welcome home to the void


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