By: Mary Spiro
Feb 8th, 2015

Architects of Death Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

VON has been long recognized as one of America’s first black metal bands. And while co-founder Jason Ventura, known as VENIEN, has remarked that that was really never the original intent of the band’s mission, VON remains squarely rooted in the history of USBM, whether they like it or not.  Musically, today’s iteration of VON, seems to bear little resemblance to the primitive thrashing that VENIEN and Goat laid out in the early 1990s.  VENIEN continues on bass and primary vocals, but he is now accompanied by guitarist Carter “HangMan” Grant and drummer Tony “Dirty FvKn! Pistols” Mainiero.  A careful listen to the recent episodically released singles that the group has been unleashing on unsuspecting listeners since December 2014 will reveal the that heart of VON remains as twisted and malevolent as ever. This music is dark, threatening, aggressive and laced with the lyrical evilness that are trademarks of VON. Want to hear a musical reflection of the depravity of humankind in the 21st Century? Listen to some of the new VON songs.  Metallomusikum is pleased to present an exclusive premier of the lucky 11th installment in VON’s musical diary from the album Dark Gods. This new track, “Architects of Death”. The overall vibe of “Architects of Death” is highly reminiscent of early VON. But the mid-tempo pace and nerve wracking tension created by the interplay between the hissing cymbals and the airy guitar melody give it a more doomy aesthetic. Lyrically the track bodes of impending chaos: a common theme for VON.  The single “Architects of Death” can be purchased as a limited edition CD at and comes with two bonus tracks “Death” and “Burn” packaged inside of a limited edition, hand numbered 56-page Dark Gods comic book, illustrated by VENIEN himself.


*Extras: Metallomusikum Podcast Interview featuring Dirty FvKn! Pistols and HangMan of VON