Hadit's Habit

By: The Samnambulist
March 28th 2015

Black Lotus (Bass Demo) Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

To review, American pioneering primitive Black Metal act, VON have been releasing each track from their upcoming Dark Gods Part 2: Birth of The Architects album as singles with exclusive b-sides and a comic book illustrated by VENIEN.  2015 has brought us singles #6 onwards.  See previous entries for reviews of singles 1-6, now it's time to review 7-12 as a lump... of blood, of course.

Continuing the eerie very quiet, bass-only formula of 'bass demo' versions of songs, Black Lotus starts very quietly then drops in some distorted vocals that sound like the spirit of a dying planet pulsing its throes through the ether of space. Minimalist keyboard backs it up and adds atmosphere. More dark room music!

"Extinction" starts with a drawling, southern acoustic guitar bit that feels like a corpse rotting away in a rocking chair on the Sawyer family's dusty porch. The song meanders about with this theme, feeling more like southern psychedelia than Black Metal. It's an interesting twist in VON's increasingly demented catalog.

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