Hadit's Habits Review

By: The Samnambulist
Feb 8th 2015

Invasion (Bass Demo) Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects VON

Here's the 6th VON single in the Dark Gods series. This one features the song bass demo version of "Invasion" which begins with some moody bass droning melodies that build some sinister suspense, perhaps suggestive of the invasion building its forces and creeping onto the battlefield, which may well be your mind. I quite like this version! It feels a bit like VON's version of Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath" without the subsequent take-off after the plodding intro riff.

Next up is the demo version of "iAm." This one is REALLY quiet throughout. It is very ambient and feels like some creepy Tangerine Dream leftovers some evil entity was tripping to. I continue to enjoy these singles for both the music contained, the artwork, and their collectability. My copy is number 3/25, by the way. Pretty cool

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