Hadit's Habits

By: The Samnambulist
February 8th 2015

Mother Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

Here's the first 'Dark Gods' single. What are they? Singles from the upcoming 'Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects' album slated for 2016, with an exclusive track or track version (e.g. demo versions). Each single also comes with the Dark Gods comic book, each with a different cover (some with optional wrap-around covers, meaning some singles have more than one cover available, to the frustration, or delight, of collectors). Each single is limited to 25 copies.

Tracks on the 'Mother' single include: "Mother" which has a moody, melancholic opening showing a different, more depressed side to VON. Clearly development is taking place in the VON sound. This may piss off many, but listening with open ears, I'm really excited about this song. It's well executed and would be received by many Metalheads into slow, dark, depressive stuff, perhaps if it didn't have the VON name attached. I challenge the listener to take this track as it is, an awesome slow and haunting track, not as the herald of the next "Satanic Blood."

Following "Mother" is "The End" in demo version.  It too is slow and moody, relying more on atmosphere created by minimalist keyboard and eerie vocal rasping in the background.  It drones a bit too, giving this whole single a sort of Blackened depressed psychedelic feel that I first heard pioneered by VON on the 'Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves' album.

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