Gunshy Assassin

By: Chris Harris 
December 2014

Muse of Evil Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

Sometimes, I’ll learn through a mutual acquaintance that a certain member of a certain band is a regular reader of my irreverent site. Or I’ll run into a dude in a band and I’ll tell him I run GSA and he’ll be all, “Oh, right on…I check it out when I can.” And that’s fine. I don’t actually get much of a thrill out of it, if I’m going to be honest. But never in all my life would I have imagined anyone in San Franciscan black metal originals VON would be familiar with the site. But I was wrong. Little more than a week ago, I received an email from VENIEN of VON — who, it could be argued, were the first black metal band from the United States to make any kind of an impact in the scene. I mean, even fucking Watain went and named themselves after a song off of VON’s 1992 Satanic Blood cassette. As a result of that email, we’re running an exclusive lyric video today from VON for a song called “Muse of Evil.” The song is the third cut off the band’s forthcoming album to make its debut online in as many weeks.

See, VON’s new disc, Dark Gods: Birth of the Architects, will boast a dozen primitive and sinister tracks and each will be getting its own companion *ltd time lyric video. Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects won’t be released on VON Records until next March, but issues of a new VON comic book, called “Dark Gods”. Written and illustrated by VENIEN himself, the comic book will be published in 12 parts on a weekly basis; the first became available December 1, with other issues available through February 6. Each comic book will come with an exclusive CD single, to boot. No more stalling. Here is some fresh VON for those ears. Enjoy.

(Source: *site defunct