Rising Rebels: First Blood (Giclée Exclusive Wraparound Cover)

Rising Rebels: First Blood (Giclée Exclusive Wraparound Cover) is an illustration from the comic book series Rising Rebels. Rising Rebels logo & comic book were created and © Jay Fotos. Limited use and permission of the Rising Rebels logo has been given by the copyright holder to the licensee vVurMzflessshhh Publishing


  • Illustrated by: VENIEN

  • Series: The Art of VENIEN

  • Edition: Sketchbook II

  • Printing: First Printing

  • Cover: Rising Rebels: First Blood (Giclée Exclusive Wraparound Cover)

  • Qty: Ltd Ed 25

  • Publisher/Distributor: vVurMzflessshhh Publishing (USA)

  • Manufactured & Printed by: Ready Comics (USA)

  • Publishing Date: May 5th 2018

  • Price: 40 USD

  • Cat/Sku#: VPBOOK0042C

  • Availability: Available

Book Specs:

  • Book Format: Full Color 24pg Comic Book

  • Book Dimensions: 10" x 6.465"

  • Protective Sleeve: ClearBags® 11 x 17 Crystal Clear Acid Free and Archival Safe Seal Top Bags

  • Backing Board: ClearBags® 11 x 17 4-Ply White Backing Board 100% Acid-Free

  • Custom-designed certificate of authenticity

  • Embossed chop: Sigil of vVurMzflessshhh (MillCast® Old Fashioned Cast Iron Press & Custom Brass Seal manufactured by the SealKing™)

  • Signed & numbered by VENIEN 

Exclusive Bonus Merchandise Included:

Giclée Print:

  • Rising Rebels: First Blood 13"x19" Giclée Print (vVurMzflessshhh Ltd Edition)

  • Cat/Sku#: VPPRINTRR0002

  • *only sold with Cat/Sku#: VPBOOK0042C

Bonus Media: Digital Album

  • VENIEN - Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection)

  • Ltd Ed Download Card

  • Recorded by VENIEN

  • Cat/Sku#: VR D0026


  • 01. Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement (Demo) 

  • 02. Lost Fragments (Begins To Crawl) (Demo) 

  • 03. Lost Fragments (Begins) (Demo) 

  • 04. Lost Fragments (Deep Inside) (Demo) 

  • 05. Lost Fragments (Inside of Me) (Demo) 

  • 06. Lost Fragments (The Circle) (Demo) 

  • 07. Lost Fragments (The Cold Embrace) (Demo) 

  • 08. Manifests In The Shadows (Prelude) (Demo) 

  • 09. Schizophrenic Rage (Demo) 

  • 10. Kill The Traitors (Demo) 

  • 11. OBEY! (Demo) 

  • 12. REVOLT! (Demo) 

  • 13. God Is Dead (Demo) 

  • 14. Inssside Wittthhh Usss (Demo) 

  • 15. Black Coming of VENIEN!!! (Demo) 

  • 16. The Dread (Early Demo) (Bonus Track) *Demo Collection Exclusive 

  • 17. Hurt (Demo) (NIN Cover) (Bonus Track) *Demo Collection Exclusive 

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