VENIEN, a Filipino American born writer, illustrator, musician, & co-creator of USBM pioneers VON.


THE DEMO YEARS (1987-1992)


In 1987, VENIEN created the black metal band VON along with his band-mate Goat. In 1992, VON was disbanded until VENIEN & Goat reunited the band in 2009.


VON RECORDS (2006-2019)


VENIEN also created Von Records (2006-2019) to release all VON & VENIEN projects. Satanic Blood (7” Vinyl EP) by VON alongside Tribal Blood (7” Vinyl Single) by VENIEN were both released at the 2010 Armageddon Festival (London, UK). VON founders VENIEN & Goat reunited for their first & final performance as VON with support by Watain (SE), The Devils Blood (NL), Azarath (PL), Necro Ritual (UK), Sacrilegious Impalement (FI), Nifelheim (SE), Repugnant (SE), Vomitor (AU), Craven Idol (UK), & Funeral Throne (UK).

In 2012, VENIEN recorded & released the long-awaited & first official full-length VON album entitled Satanic Blood on Von Records (previous only on demo tapes & vinyl demo bootlegs). To support the debut release, VON performed exclusive shows in Tempe (AZ), Los Angeles (CA), & Brooklyn (NY) with a brand new line-up. Following the debut release, VENIEN began to record & release what would become the final trilogy of full-length VON albums entitled Dark Gods trilogy, with a European tour to support the first volume release in 2013 Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Vol.I).





vVurMzflessshhh Publishing was formed in 2014 to eventually replace Von Records in 2019. The Dark Gods comic book was released periodically for 6 weeks between (Dec 1st 2014-Feb 16th 2015). The extremely limited book release included special advance CD singles with tracks taken from the previously unreleased second volume off the Dark Gods Trilogy entitled Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Vol.II), as well as b-side demos from the unreleased album Dark Gods: Ancient Blood (Vol.III).

In July 2017, Von Records & vVurMzflessshhh Publishing released Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Vol.II) on their premium release format, a limited edition 12" CD Art Booklet. The release also had various digital editions containing expanded & extended versions, demos, & b-side singles, included only with select fine art prints in the Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Giclée Print Series) and exclusive digital releases.



In addition to VENIEN's work on all the VON projects, various solo works were released as digital singles & demos, all taken from the unfinished project titled Black Coming of VENIEN. Among the first releases came the digital single Mommy There Is Someone In The Basement & the 7" Vinyl single Tribal Blood. A series of digital demos were released including Black Coming of VENIEN: Ritual Manifestation (Demo I), Black Coming of VENIEN: Schizophrenic Rage (Demo II), Black Coming of VENIEN: Lost Fragments (Demo III), as well as the Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection) with previously unreleased bonus tracks. The first series of digital singles & demos were originally offered to Von Records online subscriptions (2006-2019). Copyright works were then published by vVurMzflessshhh Publishing & a digital edition of the Black Coming of VENIEN (Demo Collection) was then included with the Black Coming of VENIEN (Giclée Print Series) & The Art of VENIEN (Sketchbook Series).



vVurMzflessshhh Publishing began exhibiting at art festivals, comic shops & conventions starting in 2017. As an independent publisher, VENIEN has released his own creator owned comic books, co-published artwork, books, & music collaborations with various creators in both the comic & music industry.


SELF-PUBLISHED  *self-published comic book & art projects


COMIC & ART PROJECTS  *collaborative artwork, design &/or co-publishing comic book projects w/various creators


MUSIC & ART PROJECTS  *collaborative artwork, design, &/or music contributions for various outside music related projects