In 1989, two years after forming VON, the band recorded a raw rehearsal session from inside their Union St. basement studio in San Francisco.  This recording was considered by the band to be their first demo tape, which they called Satanic. Eight out of eighteen songs that both VENIEN and Goat had written since forming VON in 1987 were chosen as a set list for the recording.

This first attempt to record the band was originally intended to present VON to local promoters and club owners for future shows. The original Satanic demo tape was made for all 3 members of the band and 10 copies dubbed for local fans and friends of the band.



  • Artist: VON

  • Project: Satanic Blood

  • Title: Satanic (Demo)

  • Audio Format: Cassette Tape

  • Packaging Format: Cassette Case

  • Band Edition/Qty: Ltd 3

  • Fan Edition/Qty: Ltd 10

  • Cassette Tape Release Date: 1990

  • Illustration: VENIEN


  • 01. VENIEN

  • 02. Devil Pig

  • 03. Veadtuck

  • 04. Satanic

  • 05. Release

  • 06. Lamb

  • 07. Evisc

  • 08. Dissection

Release notes:

  • Original 1st release by VON creators Jason Ventura (VENIEN) & Shawn Calizo (Goat)

  • Track title Satanic re-named Satanic Blood in later versions

  • Track title Dissection re-named Dissection InHuman in later versions

  • Cassette Tapes consisted of 3 dubbed copies for the band & 10 dubbed copies for fans & friends

All songs written by VENIEN & Goat 
© Jason Ventura & Shawn Calizo 
℗ vVurMzflessshhh Publishing