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By: Martin Harris
March 12th, 2013

VON – Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves Album Review

VENIEN is the warped mind behind the schizoid derangement called VON. With releases spanning the last two decades using various permutations of the words, satanic, blood and angel this album sees VENIEN release the first album in his so called Dark Gods Trilogy and made me wonder if this is to be like Blut Aus Nords recent “777” trilogy of albums. It might be judging by the first of the releases which is as harsh as they come in black metal.Opening with the simple chords of “They Have Come” you are greeted with a glacial and biting production which has that war like menace about it manifested by the elongated intro sequence before switching to the dark and eerie “Ancient Flesh of The Dark Gods”. The bass has a doom quality, maybe even funereal like as it rumbles in isolation like a lost soul in a netherworld. The vocals groan theatrically deep and insanely whilst the riff repeats endlessly. The tempo shifts into a blast, though the riff stays fixed, and a low level double bass fuses with the mix, creating a sonic aural nightmare. As the song develops, a guitar solo enters the terror and is high pitched, virtually torturing the ears.

In some ways I was reminded of Abruptum for the sheer malevolence the tune has, even the album. The raw primitive nature of the album has huge amounts of Beherit as well, with “Hands of Black Death” feeling like the cloying hand of a psychopath caressing your throat with a psychotic grin and snigger. Again the high pitched guitar is enough to shatter glass, as you are frozen solid in a static death glare.

The speed of the album varies considerably with sections bordering all out pandemonium on “Dark Gods” but with unyielding repetition being used to transfix the listener the whole album feels like you are caught under a mesmerizing and impervious spell. The savagery of “MONSTER!” is just that, words sometimes aren’t sufficient for the terror some albums unleash as this borders tuneless dissonance in places, as that psychopath stands there laughing continually at your agonizing pain. A monophonic like barrage bombards you on “iAmInHuMan” with a frenzied war like battery that is truly relentless. There is despicableness about this album that is palpable, it seizes hold of you and refuses to let go, like slimy cold tendrils of asphyxiating horror.

“DevilWhore” is an onslaught of ten thousand maniacs set loose on society, the speed is ridiculous in places but it works due to the violence that is obviously trying to be conveyed. “RawRot” is ferocious, the bestial and malicious riffing are frightening, and even though it’s not always fast the speed plays a dominating factor in that ferocity. With the closing song “Black Eyes” this album is not for the faint heart, nor is it for listening to in groups, this is soul destroying, anti-human blackened art with unparalleled intensity. Be afraid, be very fucking afraid my friends.

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VON - Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Open Edition) (Digital Album)

vVurMzflessshhh Publishing

Cat/Sku#: VR D0009

Artist: VON
Title: Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves (Open Edition) (Digital Album)
Volume: Dark Gods Vol.I
Audio Format: Digital
Publisher/Distributor: Von Records (USA)
Digital Release Date: 2013
Illustration: VENIEN

01. They Have Come
02. Ancient Flesh of The Dark Gods Feat. D & C (Coffinworm)
03. Hands of Black Death
04. Dark Gods
06. RawRot
07. DevilWhore
08. iAmInHuMan
09. Black Eyes

Recoding Lineup:
Jason Ventura (VENIEN) (vocals | bass)
Jon Gonzalez (Lord Giblete) (guitar)
Charlie Fell (drums)
Special Guests: vocals by D (Coffinworm) & guitar solo by C (Coffinworm)
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