The Rorschach Rant

By: Mark Anthony Pritchard
February 1st 2017

Abandon Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

Generation Abandoned

‘Don’t leave me here, mommy, please don’t abandon me’ and she does. A day spent working as a cog in a machine is more important to her than the child that she abandons.

LEFT alone in a day-care centre, the trauma begins early.

Substitute mommies are Doe afraid, spreading their toxic paranoia through the day-care centre into vulnerably abandoned minds. The natural female urge to caution, an urge caused by pregnancy, weakness, lack of body-mass, fear of attack, cancer spreads to ALL of the children, young boys becoming as frightened as the young girls. Gender identity is destroyed by anxiety. Masculinity is the outsider, the other. It’s something ‘dark’ to be feared, to be afraid of. All present in the day-care world of insanity must conform to the toxic soup of feminised trauma, fear and abandonment. There are no boys, just defective girls who need to be controlled.

The day-care world of frightened, traumatised, ABANDONED, children, raised in paranoia, are ABANDONED again into government school collectivism, dogs biting dogs, survival of the most brutal, trauma now a daily occurrence, school the Hell that will stay with you forever.

Into lost young adult world now, we move to purple hair, nose piercing, communist college life. Abandoned traumatised children, you finally have a home.

Safe space, love trumps fear, hate facts, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, stop bullying, feelings are all here, I need safety, bigot, away with your patriarchal mansplaining hatred, man. I need no man, brutal man, I knew you at school, generations raised by strong independent women, in fear. My mum did it by herself. No man needed. I’m gay, anyway, probably, perhaps just a little bit bi. No family needed. I need no daddy. I am a Star Wars girl, a force awakened girl, a man-girl, living in delusion, a life in dreams of gender independence. Hitting the nasty man in the face, he’ll go down, just like in the movies, oh crap, he didn’t.

In digital isolation, the hatred grows in collectivised faux-family, black-masked belonging, for isolation has peeled the skin of the mind, leaving a shell-being, programmed by Hollywood where the only solution to disagreement is a love trumps hate brick in the back of a Nazi's head. Show your family that you love them. Hit, hit hard, from behind, and run, we’ll cover for you. There is no debate, no platforms here, twitter block, violence solves problems, why talk when you can hit? Reality is the Internet in my mind, agree with me, like my comments, all dissenters will be exterminated.



I am a good person, and you are bad. The brick that was launched into the back of your head did come from my hand, but it was aimed with the righteousness of my convictions. You die because you deserve to die, and your blood on the pavement shall be washed away by my love juice of tolerance, diversity and respect. How am I to blame for the consequences of my actions? Love trumps hate, and streets must run with rivers of blood to reclaim this world from Nazi assholes.

Hatred, violence, bigotry, self-righteousness, birthed in that day-care centre, ABANDONED child slides into ABANDONED adult, all-alone, joins the illusion of family that is offered in college class delusion, lashes out, arrested, cries now, waits for his visitors, who tell him that he is an AntiFa hero.

Oh VON, tap into mouth I look at the world as it is today, listen to your warnings, and sense is made from the madness that surrounds me.


The music of VON offers human truths, but they are not a political band. They are neither left, nor right. Do not read this review and think that VON would ever agree with anything that I am saying here. I listen to their music, and this is MY interpretation, not theirs. 'Abandon' is a song of hatred growing from a sense of being abandoned. I link the feeling of abandonment to real-world events happening in a world still getting to grips with a masculine president who is a bit more than just another soft leftist puppet controlled by the globalist elites. I am a huge fan of Donald Trump. VON has no opinion on the matter. If you hate this review don’t blame VON. Blame me. I don’t work for a corporate magazine. My boss is not a leftist. My boss is the bloke with a daft beard who looks back at me in the mirror. I say exactly what I want to say. I am free, yes, truly, and that is why I’m so bloody annoying. VON, as ever, offers a portal into something  dark that hides within the deepest recesses of the human soul. I see that darkness exploding into the world right now, and I see it in the violence of the left as they try to come to terms with the fact that they are on the losing side of world history. VON offers you a ‘safe-space’ to explore that darkness. Put down the brick, take off the silly black clothes and enjoy the music of VON. It’s much better for you than spending another night in the back of a Police van and a lot more fun as well.