Hadit's Habits Review

By: The Samnambulist
February 8th 2015

DemonSkin Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

Tracks include: "DemonSkin" which starts off slow and atmospheric with a repeated jangly guitar riff that gives way to a much more classic VON riff, albeit slowed down, after 2 minutes, it just gets heavier and more raw sounding from there until the moody finish!

Next up is "Flesh of My Flesh" in its demo version. The quality does sound very primitive, making this the oldest sounding VON song to be on the singles. It has the hypnotic and dark VON style, again a bit slowed down, then gives way to some effect laden guitar atmospheres that are fairly creepy.

(Source:  hadits-habits.blogspot.com)