Hadit's Habits

By: The Samnambulist
March 28th 2015

Rise of The Ancient Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

Rise of The Ancients, again starts quietly, slowing building atmosphere with occasional distorted power chords breaking in to clobber you with heaviness. The vocals are as pissed and unintelligible as one could hope for from VON, minus the echoing of their early demos. THEN about 4:30 or so, the nastiness crashes in, and the track becomes very much classic in VON stylings; ritualistic, droning drums, distorted primitive guitar riff. Minimalistic all around. The song does bring in some more themes to play with after this bestial burst to close the track on a slow, depressive note, perhaps indicating the hopelessness of mankind, for the Ancients have risen.

"BEHOLD!" marks another in the doomy and primitive annals of VON developing since VENIEN took over the project.  It remains true to the primitivity of VON, but the riffs go more for depressive, minor key doomy progressions. A knuckle-dragging Neanderthal myself, I'm VERY into it!

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