Steel For Brain

By: Jonathan K. Dick
February 2015

The Council of Seven Single Review
*taken from the album Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

Since 1987, black metal overlords VON have held their reign over the American chapter of the genre’s history. After a nearly two-decade long silence, the band returned in 2010, releasing the excellent Satanic Blood EP which would be followed up two years later with their full-length of the same name. Led by founding member Jason “VENIEN” Ventura (bass/vocals), the band has quickly made up for any lost time, releasing the Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves in 2013. This year, VON’s prolific creativity will see them debut individual tracks from their upcoming Dark Gods II album, and SfB is pleased to offer the exclusive *ltd time video premiere of the outstanding “The Council of Seven.”

VON’s uncompromising approach to the simplicity of their sound has provided a point of distinction where other bands might find themselves susceptible to redundancy. While experimentation in black metal is often given the auto-stamp of approval and accolades, VON’s no-bullshit directed focus is their greatest strength. “The Council of Seven” is VON at their most sacrilegious and caustic, proving yet again why the band remains a place all their own in black metal. Steadily roaring into its eruption, the song is every bit of what’s expected from VON, and for a band whose influence on black metal has been so invaluable, that’s exactly what makes this work so well.

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